First release for prod testing

Allows the Configuration Basket to use GUID during the import and export of the following objects:

  • Data Fields
  • Data Lists
  • Command Definitions
  • Service Templates
  • Service Sets
  • Host Templates
  • Notification Templates
  • Time Periods
  • Dependencies

If a GUID is given in the basket's JSON, it will be imported into the database, and will be included in future basket exports. When creating or updating an object in IcingaWeb2, a new GUID is generated and store if not present already. This allows the basket to rename these objects. When renaming data fields, all related custom vars will also be renamed. When importing a service set, the newly imported service sets overrides the exsisting service set: All services that are not part of the imported service set will be deleted.

Known limitations:

  • When renaming/removing data list entries, the entries will only be renamed/removed in the data list, not on the hosts and services
  • The following types do not currently use GUIDs:
    • Host Groups
    • Host Template Choices
    • Service Groups
    • Service Template Choices